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Current projects of the aid organization UWO


In the next year we have a very special project on our agenda: The Jewish director Brian Michaels, who has often supported us with donations through his successful performances and installations, is planning a special theater project. Together with the lights and video artist Kane Kampmann, whose themes focus primarily on the Nazi era, this project will certainly be one of the most impressive theater projects of the coming year.

The topic is the Café Atara, which became a meeting point for refugees in Jerusalem in the 1930s. The viewer enters this historic café and gets to know German-Jewish refugees and their history in personal conversation - including celebrities like Hannah Ahrendt, Else Lasker-Schüler or Erich Mendelsohn

What does this story have to do with the UWO? Well, of course there are already enough parallels to be drawn between aid organizations and the topic of escape, but also this special focus on individual fates and the possibility of the exchange between role and viewer is something that means a lot to us. In this way, we hope to stimulate discourse, also address schools, teenagers and young people and even create a path of communication and mutual respect between different faiths.

We would be very happy if you were a visitor of this project too! Data to come!


UWO painting competition with slum kids

In India we keep going with our sponsorship for slumkids in Mumbai.

For the equivalent of 75 € a year you support the education of a child in the slums. By that the parents can afford to send their children to better schools or private tuition. We travel to India every year and check the receipts to make sure every child receives the education it deserves.

Many kids are paid from different donations, help to find a single sponsor for each of them!


On Philippines we are just about to start with more and more projects. We just gifted some jerseys for a Kids-Basketball-Tournament and by that were able to put a smile on the kids face!

Next year Elisabeth and Christian will plan and start new projects there while we visit June and Dahlia Prodigo again, our highly reliable partners there!

UWO Project Philippines


UWO Rostyslav Bome and Mykhajlo Nykolyn ©Solomija Nykolyn.jpeg

After months of emergency aid in Ukraine we are now planning a long-term project in Staryj Sambir. The greek-catholic church is providing us rooms that can be used for diverse possibilities.

So far we used it as storage but after renovation it should be used as emergency shelter too. In times of peace we are planning to manage it as a meeting point for different people and cultures.

The planning phase is in full blast.

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