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UWO India

Who the f... is UWO? (Sorry!)

Our history

UWO introduces itself!

In the light of protests on Euromaidan in 2014 on behalf of music producer Axel Hilgenstöhler and musician and actor Rostyslav Bome the UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION (UWO) was founded in Cologne to support people in Ukraine as well as in other parts of the world.
On a traditionell event in 2015 the UWO gained 2,450 Euros. A part of that money was sent to a partner organisation called Good Hearts Organisation in Suisse that builds up schools in Nairobi.

Artisto receives donation check from UWO
Enter Artisto

In the next years UWO supported projects in boarding schools for differently abled children, orphanages and prisons for young offenders that Rostyslav visited as part of the project "Children - Future of Ukraine". At that time Rostyslav not only brought them products of daily need and gifts like pens and paperbacks, he as well encouraged the young people to believe in peace and their dreams. Under the alias "Artisto" Rostyslav performed for them as well his hymn "Revolution Ukraine" that he used to play on the Euromaidan protests in Kyiv. 

In that context Rostyslav spent a lot of his time in the now very embattled east of Ukraine. For example he visited a detention center for young people in Charkiw, where about 70 youths in the age of 15 to 22 were imprisoned at that time.

The war in the regions of Donezk and Luhansk already had been a huge topic back then. One sentence by children that really touched Rostyslav because of its maturity was: "Most important is staying calm."

UWO street festival
UWO face painting
UWO performance

Due to various reasons especially the Corona pandemic it became quiet around UWO. But when Putin brutally attacked Ukraine on February 24th of 2022 the members immediately came together again and started working like never before! We began sending transports to Ukraine providing food, medicine and warm clothing for those in need. As well we immediately started welcoming and integrative projects for refugees coming from Ukraine.

We also started a sponsorship for slumkids in Mumbai, 
India and another project in Philippines. Further projects in other countries are being planned.

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