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Our partners

May we introduce you to our heroes abroad?

For us it is very important introducing you to the wonderful persons that help us setting up our projects in other countries. Those daily life heroes are very engaged for any good purpose and especially for UWO! We know them in person and absolutely rely on them. Of course there are way more persons out there but it would be too much to mention them all and for some of them it even could be dangerous for them. And of course we don´t want them to be safe!

Mangala Gavali UWO

Mangala Gavali


June and Dahlia Prodigo UWO

June & Dahlia Prodigo


Mykhajlo Nykolyn UWO

Mykhajlo Nykolyn


Mangala we met in the slums of Mumbai, where she lives as well. She is an activist for women´s rights and the good soul of the slum. Thanks to her talent in organising things we were able to help a lot of children!

June is working as IT-Spezialist in a hospital in Tuguegarao on Philippines´ main island Luzon. His beautiful wife Dahlia and him develop and help us a lot with upcoming projects on Philippines.

Mykhajlo Nykolyn is a priest in greek-catholic church in Staryj Sambir in the Oblast Lwiw. The christian expression "Love thy neighbor" he passed on to his amazing daughter Solomija who we count to our team as well!


Peter Allen Quintos


Allen lives near the Taal Volcano in the Philippines. As a medical employee, he is our local link to mediate between emergencies, medical facilities and authorities.

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