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The work of UWO in India

Christian is active in projects in India since years. Now the UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION integrated his projects into its work.

Help for slumkids

UWO painting competition in the slums

In our sponsorship for slumkids the UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION financially supports families in the slums. By yearly donations of the equivalence of 75€ we exonerate them and gives the children the opportunity for a higher standard education.


We control that by checking their receipts over annual or monthly school and tuition fees, to make sure the children get the required additional education. The sponsors get a self-painted picture as a gift by their slumkid and a photo!

Painting event in the slum

Once a year we visit the Mumbai slum and set up a small painting event. Here UWO invites all the children, no matter if they are in our sponsorship program or not.


For the kids we provide juice, sweets and of course painting equipment that they can keep afterwards. The kids are always looking forward to that moment and we love putting a smile on their faces and worshipping their beautiful paintings!

Slumkid at UWO painting competition
UWO excursion KidZania Mumbai
Food Kidzania UWO

Visiting KidZania

Besides the painting event UWO carries out a trip with the kids to a nearby amusement center named KidZania. In this very special place the kids took control over the world and declared their independence from the adults.


Here in this small world they learn how to produce things, earn and spend money in a playful way. Except the surreptitious advertising the place is fantastic and the kids can forget where they come from for a few hours!

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