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Work of UWO in Ukraine

Rostyslav not only is founder of UWO, he as well is the guarantor that our projects in Ukraine perform well!

UWO team in Caritas Staryj Sambir ©Solomija Nykolyn.jpeg

Project in Staryj Sambir

UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION is supported by greek-catholic church in Staryj Sambir, that provides free rooms for us. So far we used them as storage but they need to be renovated.


Then in emergency they can be used as shelter as well. And after war we are thinking about using them as a meeting point to increase international understanding, youth and adult education as well as promotion of women. 

Delivery of relieve supplies

Since March UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION transports urgently needed goods to Ukraine. Some of those transports we organised by ourselves, some where organised by other people and organisations.


And then there was this very special transport where the haulage company Emons (who did a very lot of transports for us!) supported us in an enormous way - by sending two huge trucks with mattresses from company Schlaraffia to Ukraine on their costs!

And we even succeeded bringing goods behind the frontline like the city of Cherson thanks to supporters we can´t mention here to not endanger them!

Aid delivery UWO Ukraine

"Children- Future of Ukraine"

UWO Children's Future of Ukraine
UWO Rostyslav Bome

Rostyslav Bome aka Artisto visited in February 2016 many facilities for children and youths in Ukraine during his program "Children - Future of Ukraine". UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION supported this project. Artisto told us of shining children´s eyes.

For example in a detention center for youth criminals he met around 70 youths between the age of 15 to 22. He brought them pens, clothes and things for daily needs like tooth paste and soap. But over all he spent time with them. He spoke with them about their hopes and dreams and how they can work on that. 


His goal was to awake their creative potentials and motivate them to live a meaningful life, no matter of their origin, social status and mistakes they committed.

Visit of youth prison in Pryluky, Chernihiv

In December 2015  Artisto visited the youth prison in Pryluky and spoke to the inmates about their feelings, dreams and wishes for the future and how they can achieve their personal goals. He shared his experiences with dreams and their realisation.


After performing his song "Revolution Ukraine", Santa Claus visited the kids. And of course he brought some gifts like calendars, pens and clothes.


Those donations came from UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION.

UWO youth prison Pryluky

Visit of boarding school in Boryslaw, Lwiw

UWO Boryslav

In December 2015 UWO-Ambassador Artisto visited a boarding school for children with functional disorders of the musculo-skeletal system.


For it was Saint Nicholas Day he suprised the 50 Kids from 7 to 15 with a lots of useful gifts that UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION bought for them.

Visit of an orphanage in Winnyzja

 Here Artisto met about 70 children aged from 7 to 15 in a boarding school for children without parents or parental care. He brought pens, writing pads and toys and sang along with the kids. It was a joyful event.


Artisto as well talked about the children´s dreams and their future. 

UWO Vinnytsia

Artisto visits kids affected by war in Donbass

UWO Donbass

In December 2014 Artisto got invited by Lenna Koszarny to the children health resort "Pearl of Donbass". There they take care of traumatized kids. Artisto performed his song "Revolution Ukraine" and talked to the kids about their experiences and how they think peace can be achieved. Artisto tried motivating the kids to look into the future in a positive way.


Lenna Koszarny was founder and CEO of Horizon Capital. She builds up schools in east of Ukraine and supports small projects for kids. She was the inspiration for the program "Children - Future of Ukraine".

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