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Thanks to all!

The aid organization UWO got the request,to help a seriously ill child in the Philippines. We immediately had the case checked by our local partners and it turned out that the case was real. And he immediately moved us to tears. Really.

Our aid organization would now like to introduce you to Jeff. Jeff is 4 years old and has been disabled since birth. Among other things, his heart is not properly formed. This requires urgent surgery.

Until then we had to raise money for urgently needed medication and special food sent. Once again, the major aid organizations did not respond. We did it!

Jeff has finally been able to undergo surgery. This is thanks to your donors. In order to help Jeff and his mother with the recovery process, we are of course open to further donations.

Donate money to our account:


United World Organization e.V.

Sparkasse CologneBonn

DE93 3705 0198 1932 6496 33

Keyword “Jeff”

Thank you!

Help Jeff
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2024 can come! Our aid organization has achieved a lot and still has more to do. We remain active in Germany and Ukraine, in India and in the Philippines. But there are also completely new promotions coming up for next year! And of course we need a lot of donations for our aid organization!

Here is an overview of our larger projects:

Ukraine: Expansion of an emergency aid and cultural meeting place

Please donate with the keyword “Building Ukraine”

India: Expansion of the sponsorship project

Please donate using the keyword “Sponsorship India”

Philippines: Construction of a basketball court

Please donate using the keyword “Basketball Philippines”

We will of course continue to keep you up to date with our projects. Follow us on Facebook and other social media.

And if you have any questions, we are always happy to help!

Kind regards, 

Your team from UWO!

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UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION (UWO) is an international Non-Profit Aid Organisation, that carries out humanitarian projects all over the world and contributes peace and international understanding.


Donation account:

Sparkasse KölnBonn

IBAN: DE93 3705 0198 1932 6496 33


Donate via PayPal

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Thanks to Schlaraffia company we were able to distribute over hundred mattresses to people in need in Ukraine!

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Support us in helping people!

We need you!

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UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION is active in several countries and extending its commitment worldwide!

What are we doing?


For our work UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION is depending on your donations. For getting information on how to donate and what we do with your donations, press the button below.


For making sure our projects being succesful it is required to know and trust our partners in other countries. For that we visit them in their home countries and build up a strong relation to them.


Once we are sure our projects will be a success we start realizing them. Our projects differ from country to country. Press the button below for more information.

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