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How can I become a member of UWO?

Becoming a member of UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION is so easy, as long as you are a citizen of EU! Just pick one of the two possibilities, fill out the form and send it to us via email! We will contact you as soon as possible!

How can I become a member of UWO?

You are a citizen of EU? Member of the aid organization UNITED WORLD ORGANIZATION e.V. becoming is very easy. Simply choose one of the two options and fill out the application form and send it to us by email!


According to our statutes we offer two kinds of membership in UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION e.V. Here we provide more information on those.


Full member


e. V. means we expect you to be active and take part in events with us and even sacrifice your spare time. Therefore you have the right to vote at general meetings and elections. Living close to us is mandatory of course.


Supporting member

Supporting members of UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION e.V. love to support us constantly but don´t have the time nor the possibility to join our events and general meetings. That is why in this membership there is no right to vote at any election. We still do care about your opinion!

You picked a possibility? Great! We are looking forward to getting in touch with you. Please read our statutes carefully, then fill out our application for admission as Word or PDF! Right now those are still in German, we will provide them in English soon!

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