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Work of UWO on Philippines

On Philipines we just started with our first project. We are rally happy to have found the perfect partners over there!

Help Jeff!

This is Jeff. His fate came to us from a foreign source. Thanks to our contacts in the Philippines we were able to quickly confirm the authenticity of the request for help. Jeff has suffered from severe deformities since birth. In addition to his face, his heart is particularly affected because it has not developed properly. 

This required difficult open-heart surgery. Jeff successfully underwent this operation on November 16, 2023 and is on the road to recovery! We are happy to have been part of this success story!

Basketball field

The kids in the Philippines had incredible fun at the basketball tournament. We at the UWO aid organization also have a team of young adults for who we sponsored jerseys. But there is still one thing to do:

There is no real basketball court on site. The teams play on a basket in the middle of the street. This is of course not ideal. So it would be nice if we had one decent playing field to sponsor. Please support us!

Donate Cologne
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Donate Cologne

Basketball tournament

UWO Project Philippines

In December our friends June and Dahlia Prodigo organised a small Basketball tournament. For many kids can´t afford real jerseys, help organisation UNITED WORLD ORGANISATION jumped in and sponsored those for them. The kids were really happy about that.


And Christian and Elisabeth are looking forward to visiting June and Dahlia next year again and develop new projects there!

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